Settlers and Nomads 


The act of crossing space stems from the natural necessity to find the knowledge and nourishment required for survival. Yet once these needs are satisfied, moving across space takes on a symbolic form –– an aesthetic act that modifies the sense of space crossed and contributes to the construction of an order on which to develop situated objects. This studio will explore the impulses of the settler and the nomad through the design of spaces for staying and spaces for going.





Sculpture Museum/Garden


              'Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.'



Materials when in dialogue with the architect or landscape architect have also the potential to become wonderful edifications and it is the task of the architect to wonder and discover their qualities and ways of building with them.  This project attempts to explore the relationship between the static body—sculpture-- and the dynamic one—human--and how they inhabit the material world in a poetic encounter. The tension between resting and moving creates an awareness of our own bodies in relationship to the world we inhabit. The museum/garden will host a series of sculptures from Michelangelo to Richard Serra that will be thought as inhabitants of the place.  A specific site will be given.




Studio Co-Authored with LAUREL MCSHERRY